Avalon Centrifuge
Avalon Centrifuge is a main character in LittleBigPlanet 2 and the Creator Curator of Avalonia. Avalon is the overconfidant member of The Alliance. He is an adventurous and futuristic man. He often annoys the leader of the group, Larry Da Vinci. He helps along with Sackboy and the rest of The Alliance defeat The Negativatron with teamwork. He was before kidnapped by The Negativatron, but later rescued by Sackboy. Avalon runs Avalonia with pride, and is the inventor of robotic bunnies, dogs, bees, hampsters, and camels.


Avalon has peach skin and orange hair and moustache. He had white glasses that light up with red and has teeth. His chest hair is visable through his white jumpsuit and black belt. He also carries a black microphone and has a pink nose. He has gloves and boots colored tan.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • Avalon is a sackperson like Sackboy.
  • Avalon is highly self-confidant and thinks of himself as the leader.
  • Avalon was originally going to be a villian.
  • As a kid, Avalon was a nerd.
  • Avalon, unlike Sackboy, has small feet.