Marianne Noisette
Marianne Noisette is a main character in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and the Creator Curator of The Land of Odd. She was once a puppet of The Puppeteer until she was thrown away along with his other puppets. She fell in a junkyard and when the puppeteer's last tear fell, magic put her back together and brought her to life. She then comitted her life to fixing the junk pile into a land, fixing and putting it back together. Afterwards, The Hollow came to steal from her. Sackboy came to help Marianne, but she was later kidnapped and brought to Jackpot City

She was later rescued by Sackboy at The Puppeteer's lab, and she then reunited along with the other puppets with The Puppeteer who was sorry for his doing.


Marianne has a white cloth face with blue heart lips, a triangle nose, rosy cheeks and a pair of eyes. She has blue cloth hair and her body is made of a blue and white swirl and red and blue buttons. Her limbs are made of wire and her hands are gold spheres, and she has small, pink feet.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • Marianne has a French accent. 
  • She somehow resembles Eve Silva Paragorica with her love and care.
  • Louise Claude Noisette was a French botanist and her levels have a lot of plants.
  • A noisette is hazelnut in French.