Sean Brawn
Sean Brawn is a main character in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and the Creator Curator of Jackpot City. He was one of the puppets of The Puppeteer that were thrown away. After the puppeteer came to his senses, he cried for his puppet friends, creating a magic that brought Sean to life, along with all the other discarded puppets. Afterwards, Sean finds Sackboy and helps him find Marianne Noisette. Later, all of the live puppets reunite with the sorry puppeteer.


Sean is a mixture of doll parts. His left arm is muscular attached by a wire, while his other is a fishing hook. His face has a black moustache and brown hair and he wears a brown eyepach over a square of metal. He has a metalic plate body and a blue and white striped leg with a brown shoe. He wears a stub for a foot and he holds a pipe in his mouth made of cork and a toothpick.

Game Apearances Edit


  • Sean's eyes never open or blink.
  • Sean resembles Avalon Centrifuge in a heroic way.
  • Sean is made of mixed doll parts.